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Anxious to Aligned

Your path to calm, confident and connected walks, and a balanced & happy life with your dog.

Are you ready to embrace change and  become your dog's hero?
Do you want to gain the knowledge and skills to effortlessly guide and support your dog through all of life's challenges?  

Are you ready to explore a deep heart-connected partnership with your dog and step into the life you always dreamed of together?

Get expert support and guidance so that you and your dog can become a dream-team. 
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You are not alone

We are here to support you on this journey

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This holistic and illuminating approach to dog parenting is far more than a training plan to resolve your dog’s challenging behaviour issues.

Part 1 - Paws Reflect Connect
Week 1: Paws (Pause)
Step into your dog’s paws, shift perspective
and find out what makes your dog tick.
Week 2: Reflect
Check in with your own emotions and feelings. 
Recognise inner fears and limiting beliefs,
and clear the blocks preventing progress.
Week 3: Connect
Connect all the dots, connect with your dog

and begin taking steps that align with your dreams. 

Week 4: Get Moving
Daily habits, practical skills and exercises for
calmer, connected walks and worry-free social interactions.

Part 2 - Shift, Align, Shine!

Week 5: Deeper Communication
A Deeper Connection Through Clear Communication.
What does your dog have to say? 
Find out what message they have for you.

Week 6: Mindset Matters
Become a creative solution finder and use powerful
Mindset Tools that will help you to elevate your
energy frequency and rise above any challenge.  

Week 7: Better Health, Better Behaviour
Discover how nutrition and food energetics
can improve your dog’s health and behaviour.

Week 8: Mind-Body Connection

Strengthening your dog’s mind-body balance through
proprioception exercises and body balancing techniques. 
It’s like yoga for your dogs!

Week 9: Putting the Brake on Reactive Behaviours
Ignite your Inner Power. Understanding how to positively
influence your nervous system
and put the brake on reactive behaviours.
Week 10: Living Your Best Life
Living your best life every day! Discover how to live your
dream life with your dog every day,
no matter where you are on your journey.


What you get:

  • A fully supported, holistic coaching programme for you and your dog.

  • Small private group - max. 10 participants guarantees individual attention and faster progress.

  • Live and pre-recorded lessons, worksheets and resources to support learning.

  • 2 x weekly group coaching calls via Zoom, to have all your questions answered and get expert advice and coaching. 

  • Video analysis and feedback on your dog’s behaviour in real-life situations.

  • Holistic tools, therapies and modalities that support physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, bringing you and your dog into alignment and balance. 

  • Practical exercises that make day-to-day living with your dog easier.

  • Guided meditations, EFT Tapping and mindfulness practices to keep you grounded, balanced and focussed on the process.

  • Focused mindset coaching to help you get unstuck and clear blocks that lie in the way of change and transformation for you and your dog.

  • A caring community and safe space for like-minded dog-moms to support, share and celebrate with each other, as they travel this journey with their dogs.


#1: Discovery Session with Sue.  During this 45 minute 1-1 private Zoom meeting, at the beginning of the programme, we will get to know each other, and unpack your dog’s particular behaviour challenges. I will provide advice and ideas that will give both you and your dog immediate relief from your current struggles.  It will also help me to give you targeted, personalised guidance throughout the programme, tailored to your individual needs. 

#2: Expert Panel.  For a truly holistic and integrative experience, I have teamed up with a group of dog wellbeing experts to come and share their knowledge and answer your questions!  These will include experienced and skilled professionals in Animal Communication, Nutrition, Canine Massage, TT-Touch, Holistic healing modalities including Sound Therapy, Homeopathy, Plant Based medicine and more.

#3: Your Personalised Holistic Toolkit. I will introduce you to a number of holistic & mindset tools and mindfulness practices, and guide you through the process of creating a personalised self-care toolkit, that will help you to alleviate stress and increase balance and wellbeing.


#4: Creative Problem Solving Workshop.  An interactive live class, to show you how to become a solution focused problem solver, and find creative ways to deal with any challenges that may arise for you and your dog.

#5: Nature’s Gifts E-book.  Your all-natural home essentials guide to basic first aid and home care for your dog.   Packed with useful info, natural remedies and guidelines for common ailments.


#6: Weekly Tracker:  To keep track of your habits and action steps and to monitor your progress. 

#7: Recipes, Ideas & Expert TipsFun enrichment ideas, recommendations for equipment, products, books and helpful resources.  Wholesome, healthy home-made food and treats that your dog will love, and so much more!

#8: Invitation to the inner-circle coaching programme! This is an exclusive community for those who have completed the Paws Reflect Connect programme. Stay onboard with us to receive live monthly coaching, and access to a supportive community network that will encourage you to sustain long term change, as you continue on this soul-deep journey with your dog.   

My special value offer for 10 dedicated and curious dog-moms, who are ready for a life-changing experience with their dogs!


Payable in 4 instalments (details on application)
Just € 100 deposit due immediately to secure your spot.

Programme Starts:
10 January 2022
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