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Welcome Zen Seekers! This is a VIP community of caring dog-parents who are seeking a more balanced, calm and connected way of being with their dogs! I know what it's like sharing your life with a sensitive, anxious, easy aroused or reactive dog. It's tough, it's difficult and sometimes we feel overwhelmed. We can struggle with our own emotions, and the uncomfortable feeling of being judged by others when our dogs find it difficult to cope with things in their environment. But, we know that we have these very special dogs in our lives for a reason, and we know that they need our support more than ever. And, my guess is that's why you are here. Because you love your dog and want to support them to reach their full potential and live their best life. You want to learn how you can both become for calm, grounded and present and able to navigate any challenging situation together, with ease and flow. Thank you for being here. 😊 Thank your for your commitment to yourself and your dog.🐾 Thank you for stepping into your Zen, and into your light.💖 This is a safe place to share, ask for advice and encourage each other as we journey to a uncover and unlock the secret power that we have within us. Let's get to know each other a little better. Introduce yourself, tell us why you are here and what you hope to glean from the workshop. Share a picture of your dog/s and tell us one thing that you absolutely LOVE about them!


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