1-1 Behaviour
Consulting & Coaching

Transformational coaching programme tailored to your specific needs and outcomes.
Providing you with the knowledge, skills and tools that will help you shift your challenges, grow your relationship and enjoy life with your dog.  And, I will be there to guide you, every step of the way


 Small group online programmes running  seasonally, focused on improving understanding and communication between you and your dog and finding workable solutions that don't involve endless training protocols, but rather partnership, cooperation and trust.  Includes live coaching and Q&A's


Offering video lessons, practical exercises and workable strategies to help you and your dog become a great team, as you work through your challenges and find real-life solutions for a more balanced and easy life together.

Onsite, In-person
Coaching & Training


Adolescent Dogs

Reactive, fearful and hyper-sensitive behaviours
Rescued & Rehomed Dogs
Trauma related issues