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We offer a number of different programmes and services tailored to your specific needs, and individual needs of your dog. 
From online self-paced courses to private 1 to 1 coaching and training sessions, live workshops and more. 

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Online Workshops
1:1 BehaviourSuppot

1:1 Behaviour Support

Paws Reflect Connect Programme

Join me as I lead you through my unique signature programme:
'Paws Reflect Connect', where we partner together to discover what is really causing your dog's challenging behaviour and how to implement kind and effective strategies that will help both you and your dog to feel safe, calm and connected in any situation. 

This is a holistic approach and looks at the wellbeing and balance of your dog on all levels - emotional, physical, mental and social - because imbalances in any of these areas can have an effect on behaviour. 

We also take a look at your end of the lead.  The influence your thoughts, emotions and expectation have on your dog and your relationship together, and how to develop a growth and solution-focused mindset that will help you through the challenging times.  

The programme follows a 3 pillar framework,  but is also an individualized one-to-one programme which is tailored and adapted to the unique and individual needs and situation of both you and your dog. 

What's included:

  • Discovery session - 45 minutes via Zoom. 

  • Access to the Paws Reflect Connect online course, including recorded lessons & training exercises, activities and resources.

  • 3 x 1 hour in person sessions (or on Zoom if outside of my local area).

  • A personalized plan with next steps after each session.

  • Feedback and  support via email in between sessions. 

  • 6 months membership to my Inner Circle Group  - key to ongoing support and long-term successful change.

  • Bonus #1:  Free access to a workshop of your choice.

  • Bonus #2: Holistic Balance Toolkit - tailored individually, includes recommendations on essential oils, botanical extracts & modalities that enhance balanced well-being.

Investment:  € 850
or 6 x monthly payment of € 149

This is for you...

  • You want expert advice about your dog's behaviour that provides personalized solutions to achieve lasting change.

  • If you want a fully-supported and guided programme, that provides all the necessary learning material as well as 1:1 coaching & community support.

  • You want to discover a deeper connection, build trust & confidence and enjoy more ease & flow in daily life with your dog.


Book your free, no-obligation call with me. 

Lets chat and see if this is the right fit for you and your dog.


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Who this program is for:

Caring and committed dog-parents & guardians who want to be part of an inspiring community and receive ongoing support, coaching, inspiration as feedback as they level up on their skills and knowledge. 

We're in this together!

Authentic conversations

Real-life challenges &

Practical solutions

Meaningful engagement

Tips & professional advice

Inner Circle Membership

About the program:

Meet, share, celebrate and learn together with members from around the world who are dedicated to building meaningful partnerships with their dogs. 
In our small, intimate group we discuss the real-life ups and downs of living with a sensitive dog.  We brainstorm practical ideas to navigate every-day scenarios and learn ways to support balance and wellbeing of ourselves and our dogs, so that we can enjoy a life of less stress, more ease and flow. 

This is your opportunity to get expert advice and coaching for a fraction of the normal price. 

This group is by invitation only, so lets hop on a call and see if this is the right fit for you.  Your curiosity, openness and willingness to learn, along with your commitment to lasting change and transformation for yourself and your dog, are the criteria for joining us on this exciting and fun journey together. 

Here's how it works:

  • It is a monthly membership programme, which you can join at any time and leave at any time.  It's on a month to month basis, so no need for long membership contracts.

  • You get FREE access to ALL the Workshops and Masterclasses that I offer going forward (for as long as you are a member).

  • We meet twice monthly for a live Zoom Q&A and Coaching on ANY questions you have for me.  These are all recorded and you only need to attend the calls if you wish to - no obligation.

  • Expand your learning and become and expert on your dog!  There are discussions and lessons on all topics about dogs - behaviour, wellbeing,  lifestyle, skills, mindset and more.

  •  Enjoy guest experts in the field of nutrition, homeopathy, alternative healing modalities, animal communication, Zoopharmacognosy, care for puppies,  teens and senior dogs, special body-mind awareness activities with dogs, etc. whom I will be bringing in to come and chat with us and answer your questions. 

  • Mindset coaching, mindfulness practices and holistic support for creating a stress-free life with your dog.

Monthly membership € 35
no annual commitment -cancel at any time

Online Workshops

Online Workshops
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Tirol, Austria 

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